Casio CT-X5000 Keyboard

Casio Musical Instruments. Buy Casio CT-X5000 digital keyboard from the exclusive authorized distributor of Casio music in Jordan Dukkan Piano.

Features a 15W + 15W high-output amp and bass reflex speakers, demonstrating the full potential of the AiX Sound Source.

Description :
  • 61 keys with Touch Response, 64 Polyphony
  • 800 Tones and 235 Rhythms
  • 15W+15W
Specification :

61 standard size keys
Touch Response: Sensitivity 3 types, Off
Maximum Polyphony64 notes (32 for certain tones)
TonesPreset Tones: 800
User Tones: 100
Other: Layer, split (configurable split point,
lower point, chord point settings)
System Effects

Reverb: 32 types, Off
Chorus: 16 types, Tones
Delay: 20 types, Tones
DSP: 100 types (Can be applied to user tones
using DSP editing.), DSP tones
Master Effects
Equalizer (10 presets)
4-band User Equalizer
External Input

Center cancel (vocal cut) for input
from the Audio In jack

MetronomeBeat: 0 (accented tone off), 1 to 16
Tempo: Tempo value: 20 to 255
Demo Songs3
Song BankBuilt-in Songs: 30
User-recorded Songs: 10
USB Memory Songs: Playback of standard
MIDI files (SMF format 0/1), CASIO MIDI files
(CMF format) on a USB flash drive is supported.
USB Audio Playback
Playback of audio files on a USB flash drive
is supported.
Supported File Formats: WAV format,
44.1 kHz 16 bit
Other Functions: Center Cancel (Vocal Cut)
Auto Accompaniment

Built-in Rhythms: 235
User Rhythms: 100
One Touch Presets 235
Music Presets310 (With chord progressions)
Phrase Pads

Number of Pads: 4
User Phrases: 100 (4 phrases x 25 pads)
Editing Mode: Copy, delete, phrase editing
Mixer function

Affected Parts: Sound source parts,
microphone input part
Parameters: Part on/off, volume, pan,
reverb send, chorus send, delay send

Maximum 128 setups (8 setups x 16 banks),
registration sequence

Tone Editing
Preset tone editing, DSP editing
Memory for storage of edited tones (up to 100)
Rhythm Editing
New rhythm creation, rhythm editing
Memory for storage of created/edited rhythms
(up to 100)
MIDI Recorder
Real-time recording, playback
Keyboard Performance Recording: 10 songs,
17 tracks (1 system track, 16 solo tracks)
Memory Capacity: Approximately 40,000 notes
(per song)
Editing Mode: Song editing, track editing,
event editing, step input
Other Functions: Overdubbing, punch-in
PedalsSustain, sostenuto, soft, rhythm/song, expression
Pitch bend wheel, SUSTAIN button,
Other Functions

Transpose: ±1 octaves (-12 to 0 to +12 semitones)
Octave Shift: Upper 1/Upper 2/Lower 1/Lower 2,
±3 octaves
Tuning: A4 = 415.5 to 465.9 Hz (Initial
Default: 440.0 Hz)
Part coarse tune: For each keyboard part,
±2 octaves (-24 to 0 to +24 semitones)
Part fine tune: For each keyboard part,
±99 cents
Scales: 17 preset scales, scale fine
Auto Harmonize: 12 types
Arpeggiator: 150 types
MIDI16ch multi-timbre received, GM Level 1 standard

USB Flash Drive Port: Type A
USB Port: Type B
Pedal 1 Jack: Standard jack
Pedal 2, Expression Jack: Standard jack
Headphones Jack: Stereo standard jack
Audio Input Jack: Stereo mini jack/Input
impedance 9 kΩ, Input sensitivity 200 mV
Line Out Jack: Standard jacks x 2/Output impedance
2.3 kΩ, Output voltage 1.9 V (RMS) MAX
Microphone Input Jack: Standard jack (Connect a
dynamic microphone.)/ Input impedance 3 kΩ,
Input sensitivity 10 mV
Power JackDC 24V
Power Supply
AC adaptor only
AC Adaptor: AD-E24250LW
Auto Power Off: Approximately 30 minutes
after last operation; Can be disabled.
Speakers10cm x 2 (Output: 15W + 15W)
Power Consumption15 W
DimensionsW 94.8 x D 38.4 x H 11.6 cm
WeightApproximately 7.0 kg