Casio LK-S450 Keyboard

Casio Musical Instruments Jordan. Buy Casio LK-S450 digital keyboard from the exclusive authorized distributor of Casio music in Jordan Dukkan Piano.

Easy, Fun, Always by Your Side

It’s never too late to start playing the keyboard. Explore new ways to learn music with the LK-S450. Fun is key to learning. The simple, user-friendly interface provides access to a variety of high-quality tones and multiple functions plus a hands-on learning guide so you can progress at your own pace.
What are you waiting for? The LK-S450 is ready when you are.


  • 61 Touch Response keys with Key Lighting system
  • 600 AiX-powered Tones, 200 Rhythms
  • Optional WU-BT10 Bluetooth MIDI/Audio adapter
Specification :
Keyboard61 keys
Touch Response3 types, Off
Maximum number of keys simultaneously lit:
can be disabled
48 notes
Sound SourcePreset Tones: 600
Other: Layer, Split
EffectsReverb (20 types, Tone, Off); Chorus
(10 types, Tone); DSP (Built into some tones)
MetronomeBeat: Beat chime off, 1 to 16 beats
Tempo: 20 to 255
Song BankDemo Song: 1
Built-in Songs: 160
User Songs: 200*1
Part Off: Left hand, right hand,
both hands
Lesson Type: 3 steps
Lesson part: Left hand, right hand,
both hands
Other: AB Loop, Fingering Voice Guide,
Note Sound Guide, Performance Evaluation
Preset Rhythms: 200 types
User Rhythms: 10 types
One Touch Presets: 200 types
Other: INTRO, ENDING; chord fingering
mode switching
Chord BookChord Sound Guide
Demo FunctionBuilt-in Song Bank (110 songs)
MIDI RecorderReal-time recording, playback
Tone Recording: 1
Rhythm Recording: 1
Multi-track Recording: 5 songs,
6 tracks (1 system track, 5 solo tracks)
Capacity: 1 song, approximately 40,000 notes
Function Volume
Metronome; Rhythm; Song
Transpose: ±1 octave (-12 to 0 to
+12 semitones)
Octave Shift: -3 to 0 to +3 octaves
Tuning: A4 = 415.5 to 465.9Hz
(Initial Default: 440.0Hz)
APP FunctionSupported Devices: iOS, Android
(USB terminal connection)
MIDI Function16-channel multi-timbre receive;
GM Level 1 standard
JacksPHONES/OUTPUT jack: Stereo mini jack
MIC IN jack: Standard jack (dynamic
microphone connection);
(Input impedance: 3 kΩ; Input sensitivity:
10 mV)
AUDIO IN jack: Stereo mini jack
(Input impedance: 10 kΩ; Input sensitivity:
200 mV)
USB TO HOST port: micro-B
USB TO DEVICE port: Type A
PEDAL jack: Standard jack (pedal sustain,
sostenuto, soft, metronome)
AC adapter
9.5V DC
2-Way Power
AA-size alkaline batteries × 6 or
AA-size rechargeable nickel metal
hydride batteries*2 × 6
Battery Life: Approximately 3 hours
continuous operation
Actual continuous operation time may
be shorter due to battery type,
performance type, and usage environment.
[AC Adaptor]
AD-E95100L (DC 9.5V)
Speakers13 cm × 6 cm (oval) × 2 (Output:
2.5 W + 2.5 W)
9.5 V = 7.5 W
LCDAdjustable contrast
Dimensions93.0 (W) × 25.8 (D) × 8.4 (H) cm
(36 5/8 × 10 3/16 × 3 5/16 inch)
WeightApproximately 4.6 kg (10.1 lbs)
(Excluding batteries)