Piano Tuning

Kawai grand piano tuning

Piano tuning is important to keep the piano sound up concert pitch and enables you enjoy playing your piano.

All pianos need to be tuned regularly. The amount of time between piano tunings for a fine instrument depends on many factors, especially the stability of the temperature and humidity and the amount of use the piano receives.

In general, it is recommended to have minimum two tunings per year. However, your piano technician can best recommend the appropriate interval for your specific environmental conditions and use.

Pianos also need to be serviced in ways other than simple tuning. The action mechanism and the hammers are subject to wear through use. Periodic voicing and regulation will keep the piano sounding its best throughout the life of the instrument, especially if the touch or tone of your piano seems uneven, difficult to control, or the notes do not repeat well.

Dukkan Piano provides piano tuning and other services for home and concert pianos through its network of highly trained piano tuners and technicians in Jordan that can service your piano up to high standards.

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