Digital Pianos

digital piano
Greaten digital piano

If you want to buy digital piano, Dukkan Piano has wide range of new digital pianos.

Duakkan piano is the the only distributor of Kawai digital piano in Jordan. In addition Dukkan piano is the only distributor of Casio pianos in Jordan and Greaten pianos in Jordan.

In addition to the new digital pianos, Dukkan Piano carry used digital pianos from other brands including Yamaha.

We offer our pianos with benches, stands, delivery and assembly service to your door step in Amman, Irbid, Zarqa and Aqaba.

All our pianos come with two-years limited manufacturer warranty.

Dukkan piano has qualified technicians, workshop and spare-parts to support your piano when needed.

We offer trade-up option on all digital pianos and keyboards for any other piano in the future. We can take your old keyboard or digital piano as part of the price of the new piano and you shouldn’t worry about selling it. Just bring it in and we take care of it.

Thus, if you want to buy stage digital piano or upright digital piano or grand digital piano, Dukkan piano is your trusted piano shop.

Below are some of the models that are regularly available in our stock. Other models can be available or ordered upon request, please contact us for latest stock and inquires.

Kawai digital piano
Kawai es110 digital piano
Kawai KDP70 digital piano
Kawai KDP 110 digital piano
Kawai CN29 digital piano

For more information of Kawai full product range please visit Kawai Global website

Casio digital piano
Casio CDP S100 digital piano
Casio PX S1000 digital piano

Greaten digital piano
Greaten P9 digital piano